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Fornet Services

A complete solution for cleanliness in your wardrobe @home or @work

Wet and Dry Cleaning

Professional textile cleaning for all your delicates and precious garments that deserve the best care.

  • Expert stain removal

  • Professional pressing & ironing

  • Detailed quality control

  • Garments are returned on a hanger

  • E-bike pickup & delivery available now

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Wash & Fold Laundry

Regular laundry like you do @home or @work (wash-dry-fold) but 3X less harmful for the environment starting at just 14,95 EU per week!

  • Wash-dry-fold laundry service

  • Preserve garment colors and extend their lifetime

  • Quick quality inspection

  • Items are returned folded and sorted per type

  • E-bike pickup & delivery available now

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Other Textile Care Services

Hand washing

Carefully washing your most delicate garments by hand in case they can’t be washed in a machine process.

Repair & alteration

Providing textile care goes beyond just cleaning. We also offer repair & alterations in our shop.

Linen care

We offer a specialised linen care service for private and commercial customers including Airbnb hosts.

Sneaker cleaning

Fornet made custom-designed machines specifically to clean your shoes easily and get rid of nasty odours.

Bag & shoe care

We offer to give your bags and shoes a second life by refurbishing them ‘as if new’ together with our expert partners.

Leather, suede & carpet cleaning

Leather, suede and carpet cleaning requires another care process that we offer via our specialist partners.

Questions about other textile care services from Fornet? Send us a message

How it works

Step 1. Place your order

Step 1. Place your order

Drop-off your order in-store or place an online order via our web tool or the CleanCloud app.

Step 2. Optional pick-up

Step 2. Optional pick-up

For online orders one of our riders will come to pick-up your laundry with an e-Cargo bike.

Step 3. Expert cleaning

Step 3. Expert cleaning

We clean your garments & linen in the appropriate washing process and do a thorough quality control.

Step 4. Order is returned

Step 4. Order is returned

Order is returned to the customer in-store or via e-Cargo bike @home/@work.

Why choose Fornet?

Save 3 hours per week

Save up to 3 hours per week

Schedule via app, web or text message and say goodbye to your time-consuming laundry chores (soure: NIBUD) as well as wasted space in your home. Our bikers pickup & deliver at @home or @work.

Eco-friendly: lower your laundry eco-footprint 2-3 times

Up to 3x more sustainable than washing @home

We enable you to lower your eco-footprint in daily life. For several years studies (like this TNO study) have concluded that professional cleaning is 2-3X better for the environment than washing @home.

Quality: 25 years of experience in textile care

Quality textile care with 25+ years experience

Fornet has cleaned millions of garments over the past decades. The result: a proven-to-be-successful concept with standardised procedures that provides the highest quality in textile care.

90% microplastic filtering

We filter 90% of plastic microfibers from your polyester garments (source: Plastic Soup Foundation)

54% water savings per kg

With our professional machines we use 54% less water per kg vs. @home washing (source: Waternet).

24% less CO-2 emissions per kg

Our E-bikes and wash processes result in 24% less CO-2 emission per kg vs. @home washing (source: NETEX).

100% biodegradable detergents

We only work with biodegradable detergents and non-categorized solvents that don’t cost the earth.

About Fornet

Personal service at a reasonable price

Fornet is an award winning laundry & dry cleaning franchise company that started in 1997 and grew to 1600+ shops. Now, Fornet International B.V. is launched as a corporate startup to explore internationalisation of the brand, starting with a flagship store in Amsterdam.

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A place that pursues quality

A place of trust

A place that people love

A place that pursues quality

A place of trust

A place that people love

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First flagship store in the financial business district of Amsterdam open now

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